Breakfast for the Block


Saves The Day- “Sell Your Old Clothes, I’m Off To Heaven”

Juelz Santana- “Make It Work For You feat. Lil’ Wayne & Young Jeezy” (What The Game’s Been Missing!/2005)

Finish your humpday off right. I can never post this song enough, no matter how many social media platforms get run through. 

Xtra - “Here On Out” (Jit/2014)

Life lessons from Plies guy Xtra

Mike Fresh & Que - “Gas Station” (Que Fresco/2014)

Operators the Band - “True”

New music from Dan Boeckner’s (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, other bands that are good) fresh project Operator’s the Band. On first couple listens this song seems too pretty to be a Boeckner creation. Like, he’s been drinking too much of James Murphy’s branded espresso and it took all the bite out of his music. Where’s that BOECKNER BITE WE KNOW AND LOVE??

Nude Beach - “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling” (77 / 2014)

The Brooklyn dudes in Nude Beach do speedy power-pop so well. This fresh one from upcoming double-disc (!) 77 is some awesome Elvis Costello-indebted 70s jangle with a choice butt rock guitar solo in the latter half too.

Woop - “HMC” feat. YG Ivy (Lingo/2014)

This Woop tape from a couple months ago is very solid. He’s from Orlando and the tape is full of dudes at least I’ve never heard of. YG Ivy has an awesome kick off verse here. He’s bending his voice around like some opposite coast, nasally E-40 impersonator.

Cayetana - “Miss Thing” (2014)

I’ve been pumping this Cayetana song non stop for a minute. I guess I was a bigger Cranberries fan than I remember? The way the vocalist’s voice breaks when she hits an upper register is just SO cranberries and I love it. The slow build with the chiming guitar at the beginning is just gorgeous. 

T.I. - “About the Money” feat. Young Thug

It’s a shame more people haven’t been about this song since it dropped. I listen to it all the time. T.I. sounds like he’s having so much fun. Pretty much every line of his can be imagined as him spitting it then doing that glorious side eye, cocked T.I. face. 

Lil Bibby - “We Are Strong” feat. Kevin Gates (2014)

Any track that Gates keeps rapping on when the beat drops out is aces in my book. Him and Bibby sound good together here with Gates getting most of the track time, even though it’s a Bibby joint. OH RIGHT, there’s a Pat Benatar sample too.